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Guide Diana Mazen
Diana Mazen Dgali


  • Birth Year: 2002
  • Residence: Alqosh
  • Occupation: Pharmacy Student
  • Languages: Arabic, English, Syriac, and some Turkish

Diana is a dedicated pharmacy student from Alqosh, fluent in multiple languages. Her diverse language skills, including Arabic, English, Syriac, and Turkish, make her an exceptional guide for visitors from various backgrounds.

Yousif Behnam Yousif


  • Age: 21
  • Residence: Alqosh
  • Occupation: Political Science Student at Duhok University, specializing in International Relations; Tour Guide at Monastery of Rabban Hormizd
  • Languages: Arabic, Chaldean, English

Yousif, a political science student with a focus on international relations, also dedicates his time to sharing the rich history of Alqosh as a tour guide. His proficiency in Arabic, Chaldean, and English ensures a memorable visit for all.

Mina Nasir Mikha


  • Birth Year: 2003
  • Residence: Alqosh
  • Occupation: Architecture Student
  • Languages: Arabic, English, Syriac

Mina is pursuing her studies in architecture and is passionate about sharing the historical and architectural wonders of Alqosh. Her fluency in Arabic, English, and Syriac enables her to connect effectively with a wide range of tourists.

Savio Saad Mansour


  • Age: 20
  • Residence: Alqosh
  • Occupation: Student in Web Technology
  • Languages: Chaldean, Arabic, English

At just 20, Savio combines his studies in web technology with his love for Alqosh’s heritage as a tour guide. Fluent in Chaldean, Arabic, and English, he provides insightful tours at the Monastery of Rabban Hormizd.