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The tradition holds that Mar Mikha was one of the revered holy fathers of Alqosh in the 4th century, a period when Christianity had already established itself in the region. He was a student of Mar Awgin. Mar Awgin, also known as Awgen or Saint Eugenios, played a crucial role in the history of Christian monasticism. He is originally from Egypt and is traditionally credited with introducing Christian monasticism to Syriac Christianity.
While the current church structure may not be ancient, it stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the early Christian presence in Alqosh.
Constructed in alignment with the pace set by the original very old church, the present-day church reflects the continuity of religious devotion and architectural traditions. Through the centuries, the faithful have gathered under its roof, fostering a spiritual connection that bridges the past and the present. Mar Mikha’s influence, rooted in the early years of Alqosh’s Christian history, echoes through the sacred walls, creating a sense of continuity in the town’s religious heritage.

In the inner courtyard of the Mar Mikha complex, a sacred space, numerous priests and monks found their final resting place, creating a spiritual ambiance that permeates the surroundings. The courtyard serves as a nexus, with the School of Mar Mikha and the Church of Mar Mikha standing on either side.

The church itself is a single-naved structure, its architectural simplicity imbued with profound spiritual significance. As you stand before the altar, a unique tableau unfolds: to the left of the pillar lies the revered place housing the relics of Mar Mikha, while to the right pillar rests the relics of Prophet Nahum. The relics of Prophet Nahum were transferred around 100 years ago from his original tomb to the Church of Mar Mikha.
These holy relics of Mar Mikha are believed to possess healing properties, specifically for “little children with a cough.” This belief adds a layer of sacredness to the site, attracting pilgrims and visitors seeking solace and healing in the presence of these venerated relics.


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